The costs associated with the Metta Quick Scan depend on the size and complexity of the company, installation and/or value chain.  A financial proposal will be generated upfront by the agency conducting the scan.  These firms have no affiliation with the Metta Standard and Index Foundation: they are a 3rd party.

Registration fees, including 1 assessment of the audit report and compensation plan, and posting a publicly available summary of the Metta Quick Scan report (incl. the compensation plan) for public consultation, amount €1,500, to be paid at the time of submitting the audit report, and application for registration.

The actual compensation activities are to be commissioned and paid for by the company.  Costs are dependent on the choice of the compensation options and the size of the footprint that needs to be compensated.

The costs for verification, including the announcement of compensation activities (publicly available summary report) are also dependent on the size and complexity of the compensation activities that need to be verified.  These will be budgeted for in terms of number of days, daily fee rate, and additional costs (e.g. travel).  The minimum fee however, is €2,000 plus expenses.

The logo pack charges are €750.  This is a recurring cost for every individual period for which compensation is realised, as the dates are part of the vignet and are therefore unique.

The monitoring costs associated with compensation activities vary.  If compensation is acquired via an external brand or standard (e.g. the VCS for greenhouse gases) monitoring costs are low: just a check of consistency of what is reported on the website of the external standard and on the Metta standard's website.  Costs have to be born in one instalment upfront and are dependent on the monitoring interval of the external standard.

If compensation is achieved via Metta's 'own' projects or an external standard that has not (yet) been approved by Metta yet, charges will be based on the expected effort that is required.  These will also have to be paid upfront to ascertain the monitoring tasks can be executed.