Want to contribute? Yes, you can!

Anyone who wishes to make a financial contribution to any of the Metta projects can do so. With those contributions you not only support the project, but you can also make your own household or activities a bit more impact-neutral. We are developing a tool at the moment with which the environmental footprint at household level can be quantified. That tool will be launched as soon as possible on this website.

To make a contribution now, you can click here to find the banking details.

The total amount that we receive will be made public in the annual report of the Metta Fund, in addition to the way the money has been used and the results of the monitoring that will be conducted on the implementation of the compensation activities and the results. Annual reports will be published on the website.

Donors who have voluntarily pledged the Metta Fund will be listed in the annual reports as well. Donors who wish to remain anonymous should indicate so when they transfer the funds (“anonymous donation”).

Allready at this moment in time we would like to thank you for your generousity, on behalf of the Metta Foundations, nature, the environment, and future generations!