Metta: future-proofing your business

Growing wheat, taking water from the tap, vitamines and minerals in our food, fuel in our tank and renewable energy from the grid.  We don't really think about it: all these services and products provided to us by nature.  Nature gives, plentiful, but more often also stops regenerating if we trespass its boundaries; if we take more than it can sustain.

Land, nature, natural resources, climate, energy and the quality of soil, water and air: this is the "Natural Capital" companies work with and depend on.  When Natural Capital profits, businesses do too.

But, no omelette without breaking eggs: we can't live and work without impacting Natural Capital.  However, we can reduce our impact to a minimum and restore and compensate our residual impacts.  That's Metta's objective: assisting businesses achieve environmental impact neutrality.  We qualify and quantify the footprint of companies, installations and/or value chains, and, after maximum mitigation, compensate the residual footprint by undertaking or supporting Natural Capital positive initiatives.

The METTA Standard

The METTA Standard enables the quantification of the environmental impacts of a company, and facilitates the compensation of those impacts, after the company has mitigated them to the extent possible internally. When a company achieves 100% impact neutrality for a particular period of time in the past, a Metta certificate is issued for that period.


The METTA Index

The METTA Index is a score that reflects the impact on the environment and the landscape of a company in a certain year before it achieves 100% impact neutrality.